About Ranjana Khan

Born and raised in India, Ranjana left behind a career in modeling at the peak of her success because she knew she wanted more. Arriving in New York in 1979, she met her husband Naeem Khan who was Halston's assistant. In the days of Warhol and Studio54, she knew she had found her new home. They have been married for 35 years and have raised two amazing sons.

Design and fashion became an integral focal point of their lives. Ranjana started working with some of the biggest design houses of our times. Lanvin, Balenciaga, Gaultier, McQueen, Valentino and Armani. Designing accessories with them inspired Ranjana to explore her own style and her label Ranjana Khan was launched in 2008. Ranjana Khan jewelry has been worn by Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Taylor Swift to name a few. She launched her Bridal Collection in 2014 which took off instantly.

Ranjana Khan's eclectic jewelry is inspired by her innate sense of style. Her designs are bold statement pieces, handcrafted using the most rare and unusual materials. Vintage beads, semi precious stones, feathers, burnt crystals, vintage coins, snake skin, anything and everything comes together to create each exceptional piece of Ranjana Khan jewelry. 

Ranjana Khan jewelry has been featured in the Naeem Khan Runway for the last four seasons.